Whatever happened to LSD and the Timothy Leary culture of the 1960’s?  Ideas, cultures, and the products of those cultures spread like viruses.  The product of William Leonard Pickard and Timothy Leary’s culture was Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), and it was so highly valued that using this product was considered a “sacramental occasion” to reach a higher level of consciousness and spirituality. This is the true story of the brilliant Harvard chemist who tried to bring back the 1960’s era of LSD and free love to the 21st Century. A modern flashback to the San Francisco hippie scene with an Austin Powers genre of characters and a Dr. Strangelove style Atomic Bomb betrayal! This is the true story behind the biggest drug bust in U.S. history which took place, of all places, in a decommissioned nuclear missile silo in Kansas in November 2000.  This case could be considered the greatest, yet least known, single case victory in the history of America's war on drugs. With regard to the more commonly encountered drugs of abuse (cocaine, heroin, etc.), there has never been a single case which resulted in even a 10% drop in seizures, let alone a 90% drop in nationwide seizures for LSD for over ten years. Hollywood has produced dramatic fictional criminal characters such as Hannibal Lecter and Professor Moriarty, but in the real world William Leonard Pickard was the most intelligent and sophisticated criminal in American history. In the end, it was not a group of Ivy League CIA agents, the FBI, the Russian FSB or KGB, or even a competing international drug trafficking organization which brought about the demise of Pickard and his sophisticated international organization.  Much to the chargrin of Pickards ego, it was a professionally talented federal prosecutor, along with the dedicated efforts of a group of Raylan Givens style Kansas cowboy lawmen, forming a DEA posse, who achieved the greatest single victory to date in the history of America’s war on drugs.  Pickard received two life sentences in federal prison after DEA chemists testified that evidence of liquid and powder LSD, an LSD by-product and two precursors to LSD showed that Pickard's lab and chemicals could have produced an estimated 2.8 billion doses of LSD which have a street value of up to $10 per dosage unit.

If you liked the Breaking Bad TV series, you will love this true story of the real life LSD version of the fictional drug chemist Walter White!


Begins with a bone chilling torture marathon conducted by a sociopath drug cult leader in Oklahoma, but also keeps you entertained with numerous humorous incidents which transpired during the case history. 


He maintained international contacts ranging from Aristocrats in England to Organized Crime figures in Russia and Drug Lords in Afghanistan.  This Pickard was truly a man of mystery and intrigue.


The deputy director for a drug policy study for UCLA who is actually producing over 90% of the world's supply of LSD in a nuclear missile silo in Kansas?  This is a story so bizarre you can't believe it is true!


Provides an inside look at the personal lives of “Hunters” and the “Hunted” in the dark world of drug trafficking and production.


This is the biggest true crime story to come out of Kansas since Truman Capote wrote In Cold Blood





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Atlas Nuclear Missile Silo in Kansas